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The Magic of Bali

Art, Dance and Ritual
January 7-18, 2014 | Host: Patrick S. Crabb

With a land of magical beaches and romantic coastlines, our Bali tour (Jan. 7-18, 2014) promises to fulfill your bucket list destination with a "WOW factor!". Locals describe it as a "heaven on earth" with its spiritual balance. Mystical Hindu and Buddhist pagodas populate the lush green landscapes. Ubud is the cultural center with its incredible handicrafts of delicate woodcarvings, silk textiles, bronze & stone sculptures, silver jewelries. Special to our group will be the clay center visits on both Bali and Lombok islands. Incredible snorkeling is scheduled. And we have included a special cooking class just for us! Side options such as an elephant safari, rafting, or downhill cycling could add to your adventure. Our list of stunning hotel accommodations will have you saying, "OMG!...our place to stay?" All breakfasts are included. We held back on other meals (exceptions: Welcome/Farewell Dinners) to save you money. The local restaurant cuisines are far less expensive with a greater variety than prepaid, hotel meals.
MexiMayan Academic Tours and I have arranged only 20 reserved seats with Cathay Pacific


Airlines at a group rate. It would be difficult to find a better deal with this custom tailored
tour. Enrollment has begun. Join us for a lifetime event!


TOUR HOST – Patrick S. Crabb, Professor of Art, holds a master of Fine Arts from the University of California
Santa Barbara. For the past 36 years he has been teaching full time at Santa Ana College (Fine
& Performing Arts Division). Demand for his expertise as a working artist has taken him to the four corners of the United States, across Canada, and into Asia. He is a Fulbright Grant recipient.

His love for travel with groups has taken him into the American Southwest and: 

Taiwan (1999)

Yucatan Peninsula (2000)

Mexico City/Oaxaca (2001)

New Zealand/Fiji  (2002) 

Peru (2003) 

China (2004)

Guatemala (2005)

Mexico/Guadalajara (2006)

China (2007) 

Mexico/Copper Canyon (2008) 

Belize (2009) 

Southeast Asia (2010) 

Egypt/Jordan (2011)

Costa Rica (2012)

Galapagos/Ecuador (2013)

Guatemala (2013)

"...a super tour because we saw so many climates and had so many experiences. Let me
know what or when the next destination is...I'll be there!" Helen Williams


" Truly a trip of a lifetime for me!" Donna Banning


"I'm still savoring my memories of Guatemala - colorful, unusual sights, interesting
people, and all the new things I learned." Ellen Hagan


“A comfortable blend of tourism and complete relaxation in beautiful surroundings with
interesting people.” Kathy Shinkle


"I can't say enough of M.T. Tours people...who took extremely good care of us. Thanks to
Diana and Pat for all the hard work they put into the planning to make our
memorable." Carol. Needham

Photo: Jack Kenny of Cuba
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