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About Us

About our company

MexiMayan Travel is a non-profit educational travel  company dedicated to quality educational trips at reasonable prices.

In 1972 Doreen and Robert Stelton were teachers, taking their students on Maya study trips to Mexico and Guatemala..

The demand grew as friends learned about our trips and MexiMayan was born.  Stephen Carr joined a trip to Guatemala and he became an enthusiastic officer of MexiMayan. Soon other teachers and archaeologists wanted us to arrange trips for them to go as leaders. The Maya were the first interest of the firm and although the company visits exciting sites all over the world, the firm chooses to keep the name so many remember.  

Officers and Tour Leaders 

Deb Stelton
Fine Arts specialist and Travel Expert
Ethnology interest.

Robert Stelton
Archaeologist and History Expert
DVD trip photographer

Stephen Carr
Photographer and Adventure Trek Specialist Cultural/Historical interest

Past Institutions Served

Adler Planetarium.

Chicago Academy of Sciences.

Western Illinois University.

Morgan Park Academy.

Northwood College

Harper College.

Plum Grove Travel.

Santa Ana College.

Latin School of Chicago.

Northwestern University.

Portland Archaeological Society.

Wright Institute.


Expert Travel Knowledge


Fun/Learning Trips


Global Reach

Expert guides


"Excellent service – Thank you for a fantastic week.
We have used travel service providers for almost twenty years now and yours was among the most diligent, thoughtful, creative and service oriented.
The entire experience was as close to perfect as it gets."

- R. J. W., CEO. -

A traveler, part of a group booked regularly by an artist / teacher: "Thank you for putting together what I consider to be a smooth and satisfying trip to Mexico and Belize.
As with the China trip, I’ve enjoyed being able to visit new places, meet new people, and get a glimpse into other cultures. All the sites were amazing and it opened my curiosity about a period of time, area and people that I knew very little. I love that I come out of these trips with a few more friends."

- P. O. -

“The optional trips to Jareesh and St Catherine’s Monastery were really great side trips.Thank you for all your planning. The trip was terrific and I thoroughly enjoyed finally seeing Egypt and Jordon. The guides were knowledgeable and pleasant and very efficient.”

- D.B. -

“Wow! it was like a dream.  you guys rock! The Cusco day adventure was perfect. lets just say it couldn't been better and I can't wait to go back to Machu Picchu. your guides and drivers were the best!.”

- M.B. -

“Marilyn and I both agree that we are really glad we did the Greek trip with you.

- J.J.S. -

“Your DVD is outstanding. Almost as good as being there. We look forward to another trip etc. & we will enjoy your next DVD.”

- P. & M. S. -

“Our trip was a great success. All of your arrangements went smoothly as did all parts. I could not have done this without you.

- L.B. -

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